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January 2016

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  • Eight "Must-Do's" for the Day/Night Before Your Wedding

    Posted: 1/26/2016
    You've planned the perfect wedding. Now you're 24 hours from the finish line. Here's how to use that last day to ensure the perfect celebration.
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  • Wedding DIY? Don't Do This at Home!
    Wedding DIY? Don't Do This at Home!

    Posted: 1/21/2016
    Do you fancy yourself something of an artist? Are you planning to put together your own wedding by yourself? If you're doing it out of financial necessity, then you'll get what you get. But if you have some fiscal flexibility, consider leaving some of the key elements of your big day to people who've done them thousands of times, and know how to do them right. Here are five tasks that are best left to the professionals.
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  • Advice from Chicago Wedding Pros #6
    Advice from Chicago Wedding Pros #6

    Posted: 1/12/2016
    Not a celebrity or rolling in the dough? You're not alone. Weddings can be extremely expensive and stressful on your newly cemented relationship. Here are some things you can do yourself without hiring any outside vendors to cut the mounting costs of your big day.
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  • How to "Unhitch" Those Wedding Day Hitches
    How to

    Posted: 1/7/2016
    Most people get married only once; so there's no way a couple can anticipate all the little glitches that can drain the joy out of their wedding day. Professional planners who've done it hundreds of times shared some their secrets for smoothing out the bumps. Here are some of their best tips:
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