Advice from Top Chicago Wedding Pros

Posted: 3/22/2014


Advice from Top Chicago Wedding Pros





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  • Choose a venue that allows for a worry and hassle-free day by offering all-inclusive and easy-to-understand package pricing, with no surprises along the way. 
  • Know how you envision your perfect day prior to making your inquiries, so your communications are concise and clear from the beginning.
  • Choose a venue with a proven track record in serving weddings & receptions; look for testimonials and clear photographs of the venues offered.
  • A homey and intimate setting that creates an atmosphere more conducive to mingling and conversation tends to lend to much more memorable celebrations for everyone.



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  • Make the day your own.  You have so many people around you making suggestions. Your bridesmaids say this and your mom says that. The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t follow your plan and your dream of what your day should be. We always suggest that you hear out the people around you; but at the end of the day don’t be afraid to say no!
  • Hire Professionals!  Cutting costs can lead to disappointment. Even worse, not going with a pro can impact your day in a negative way.  We know that weddings are expensive and we know that a lot of couples are payingtheir own way; but consider the outcome of the decisions you make.  Think about what is worth the money -- is a good DJ more important to you, or a good photographer -- or both? Go pro on what matters!
  • Trust The People You Hire!  You are paying these professionals a lot of money; you should trust them.  Just as much as you want to hire a professional, you also want to hire someone you trust. Follow your instinct. If you aren’t feeling the dynamic between you and a prospective vendor, then you should keep shopping.

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  • Plan for a little bit of extra time between traveling from location to location. You never know what may happen in between everything, and it's always better to be ahead of schedule than behind.
  • Your big event should be all about you.  That means minimizing stress where possible. Try designating a go-to person from your party to answer questions that others may have about your day. That way, they won't bother you!
  • Remember to take a deep breath & relax during your special event! It's very easy to get overwhelmed while planning; so check as many things as possible off your list as early as possible.

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