Lies Your Mother Told You about Your Wedding

Posted: 4/7/2015



 Lies Your Mother Told You about Your Wedding



You have a lot more flexibility in planning a wedding than you think. Here are some common misconceptions about "the perfect wedding."

Weddings Are Too Expensive

A wedding is about committing yourself for life to your one great love. And you can do that in a simple ceremony with a Justice of the Peace. Everything else is icing on the cake. We've worked at grand galas that cost upwards of $100,000, and simple do-it-yourself celebrations that cost less than $1,000; and our couples and guests have had great times at both. Your wedding is about sharing your joy with the people closest to you. Throw a party that fits your budget, and you'll have no regrets.

A Wedding Gown Has to Be White

Nonsense. The old tradition of a white gown is rooted in the assumption that white represents purity. More than 80% of our couples lived together while planning their weddings; so I doubt we've had many virgin brides. Wear white if it flatters your features. If you prefer something colorful and less traditional, go for it!

A Cheap Wedding Gown Is As Good As an Expensive One

Sometimes that's true, but only sometimes. Expensive wedding gowns typically have better tailoring, better fabric and more intricate design. And yes, you'll overspend for top designer names, just because they can get away with charging more. But be careful not to go too cheap; and always - ALWAYS - try a gown on before buying it. See how it feels, and how easily you're able to move in iit. Sometimes a few hundred dollars can get you a simple, elegant gown that's perfect for your big day.

Wedding Planners Are a Waste of Money

Quite the opposite, actually. A good wedding planner has contacts within the industry that can get you great pricing on flowers, a venue, decor, fashions and entertainment - and quite often save you more money than the planner's fee. Plus you'll have someone to add artistry to your affair, and handle all the tiny details that might otherwise interfere with your enjoyment of your special day.

If I Went to Her Wedding, I Have to Invite Her to Mine 

No, you don't. Another bride may have had a bigger budget and more space than you have. You should invite the people who mean the most to you, and others as your budget allows. You're not obligated to invite anyone.

I Can Save a Fortune by Letting My Friends Be My Vendors

Your good friend, the nature photographer, may know nothing about the artistry, lighting and composition involved in wedding photography. Your cousin the DJ may be a great club jock, but know nothing about the intracacies of MCing a wedding. And if you hire friends, and they do a bad job, you can't complain. It's better to invite your friends as guests, and let the professionals do what they know best.

Number of Bridesmaids = Number of Groomsmen

Whoever said that only two people at a time can be introduced at your reception? If you have six bridesmaids and four groomsmen, let two of the groomsmen enter with a bridesmaid on each arm. We've also had weddings with a Man of Honor instead of a Maid of Honor, or a groomswoman instead of a groomsman. It's your wedding! And your wedding party should consist of the people dearest to you, even if the numbers don't match.

A Do-it-yourself Wedding Is Cheaper

Not always. Buying flowers in bulk, or buying fabric and stationery paper can set you back plenty of money. And unless you have unlimited time to design, and cut and paste, and hand-write every invitation, a DIY wedding will leave you exhausted and unable to truly enjoy the biggest day of your life.

You Have to Serve Rubber Chicken

Wedding food doesn't have to taste bad. A great caterer will create a menu within your budget, present your appetizers and entrees with style, and even come up with some creative options like late-night pizza or hot dogs. Check sites like Wedding Wire and Yelp to find highly-reviewed caterers in your area. Then shop for one that fits your tastes and your budget.

DJs Are Always Cheesy

Pffft! If you've ever encountered a cheesy DJ at a wedding, it's likely the couple just hired the cheapest one they could find, and got someone who knows nothing about weddings. A professional wedding DJ adds class to your affair, performs in a tuxedo, MCs your event with split-second timing and no awkward pauses, plays music that you and your guests choose... and gets reviews like these. Not a single slice of cheese in the lot.

Set a wedding budget that's within your means, then shop for wedding vendors with good reviews who can work within that budget, and you'll be well on your way to the wedding of your dreams.

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