The One Sentence You'll Never See in a Chicago Wedding DJ Review

Posted: 9/4/2014


The One Sentence You'll Never See in a Chicago Wedding DJ Review



If you’re a smart bride or groom, and you’re looking for a reliable wedding DJ, you’ve probably already checked out some DJ reviews on sites like Wedding Wire and Yelp. Unbiased, unfiltered reviews from real couples offer tremendous insight into a DJ’s performance, demeanor and attitude.

Still, some couples shop for the cheapest DJ they can find, and then expect him to perform like a real professional. Does that strategy work? Well, try to find a review that says this:

“My low-price DJ was just awful; but he saved me $300, so I’m happy.”

Sadly, too many brides and grooms learn too late that some DJs charge rock-bottom prices because their skills simply don’t justify them charging professional rates. And they leave a trail of unhappy clients and wedding guests in their wake before they finally give up and quit the business.

So how do I find the right DJ among the thousands of pretenders?

Getting people onto the dance floor is only a small part of being a professional DJ. You’ve probably already found some reviews that say, “Our DJ kept people dancing, but…” And then they list a litany of things the DJ did wrong in the months leading up to the wedding, and mistakes the DJ made at the reception itself. A DJ can fill a dance floor and still get horrible reviews.

He's disrespectful to the guests when they make requests. He doesn't cooperate with the photographer, caterer or other vendors. He insists on playing songs you don't want because they are "his trademark." He's more interested in his own glory than in your special celebration.

When you call or email a DJ, does he take a week or more to respond? If something goes wrong, does he blame you? Amateurs look for scapegoats; professionals look for solutions. If you hired a big DJ company, did you communicate with one DJ, then find that a different DJ -- a complete stranger -- got reassigned to you, just a few days before your wedding?

A professional DJ solves problems; he doesn’t create them. And a professional DJ devotes himself to relieving your pre-wedding stress, not adding to it. When you read DJ reviews, look for words like “organized,” “responsive,” “helpful,” “prepared,” “flexible” and “reassuring.” That’s the DJ who’s going to make your wedding everything you’ve dreamed it could be. 

To learn more about Fourth Estate Audio's incomparable service, ask me to call you. I'm here to help.

 Jay Congdon, President


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