The Stress-free Way to Set Up Your Gift Registries

Posted: 9/16/2015


The Stress-free Way to Set Up Your Gift Registries



When done wrong, registering your wedding gift preferences at several stores can be incredibly time consuming, and an unexpected source of conflict between you and your fiancée. Here is a sure-fire plan to ensure that you get what you need, and a lot of what you want, without a boatload of stress.

First, take stock of what you already have. If you already have plenty of kitchen appliances and utensils, or bath towels and shower curtains, don’t put them on your wish list. It sounds obvious, but a lot of couples ask for things they don’t need.

Know your color schemes. Have a long talk with your fiancée about preferred styles and colors before you visit your first store.

You’ll need things you never thought about. This page will expand your list dramatically.

Ask your married friends which gifts they’ve never used. If you’re starting out with a small apartment, the last thing you need is an automatic sushi roller that you’ll use once to make sushi, then use to fill up space in your kitchen cabinets. Typically, those “wouldn’t it be cool if we had…” gifts are forgotten within a month of your wedding. Ask for stuff you’ll actually use.

Give yourself lots of time. A potential registry store will tempt you with lots of shiny objects, but be sure to stay focused on finding things on your list. There’s no way to breeze through a store in 15 minutes and find everything you want, so allow yourself plenty of time to look around and select just the right gifts.

Set aside time for lunch or a treat. If you’re visiting more than one store in a single day, your shopping experience will be much more enjoyable if you make a day out of it, and allow yourselves time to rest and share notes.

Register cheap, register expensive. Pick everything from small household items to lavish gifts like furniture or major appliances. Some of your guests will have small gift budgets. Perhaps you could combine 5 or 6 little necessities into a nice gift package. Other guests will be in a position to splurge, or combine with friends to get you one big gift. Sites like Amazon let people contribute toward something like a nice fridge or livingroom suite.

Don’t be afraid to register the same gift at multiple stores. You may pick a bath towel set at one store, and find one you like better at another store. You can always delete the unwanted one before you finalize your registry.

Look for things that will outlive the fad of the moment. Classic colors will coordinate with other items you may buy later. That paisley or green chevron tablecloth won’t coordinate with anything. Solid colors allow you to change accents and update your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom as styles change.

Follow these tips, and your registry will reflect your tastes and preferences, without draining all of your energy. Happy shopping!

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