Update: Coronavirus and Your Wedding

Posted: 5/23/2020


Coronavirus Wedding

Update: Coronavirus and Your Chicago Wedding


The COVID-19 pandemic is getting closer to the end than the beginning, as more and more states are reopening their economies, and researchers are close to developing vaccines against the coronavirus. But what happens next, if you're planning a wedding? Here are some considerations.

When is your wedding? If it’s more than 3 months away, there’s a good chance you may not be impacted much. New infections in most states are either flatlining or falling, and the death rate is plummeting. So by next spring, the coronavirus will be just another seasonal infection that can be either prevented or treated.

What can you do to minimize your risk? First, if you’re sending a mailer to your invited guests, include an insert with the CDC’s recommendations – wash your hands frequently, try not to touch your face, and if you feel ill, call your doctor promptly and ask to be tested for the virus.

At your wedding, put out hand sanitizer on every table – dinner tables, escort card table, gift table, etc. While face masks may or may not be a sure-fire form of protection, they can stop an infected guest’s cough or sneeze from reaching people nearby; so consider making a basket of masks available to your guests who want them.

Get your venue’s assurance that all surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized just before your reception.

Since your elderly relatives are most vulnerable (especially those with underlying health problems), don’t be surprised if they choose not to attend. Yes, it’s disappointing, but consider visiting them as soon as possible after your honeymoon to share your joy. Also, you may wish to skip an Anniversary Dance, where the longest-married couple is the last couple left on the dance floor.

Accept that some invited guests may choose not to come. Try to get an accurate count a couple weeks before the wedding, so you’re not paying for 30 meals that won’t be needed.

Are you having your ceremony and reception at the same place? If it’s during the warm season, consider having your ceremony outdoors, where your guests can be spaced just a little farther apart, and a guest’s infected sneeze may just be carried harmlessly away by the wind.

Some benefits of being a Fourth Estate Audio client. First, if you're nervous that a face-to-face entertainment consultation may expose you to a risk of virus transmission, we're happy to meet via Skype instead.

We've arranged it so you can do all of your wedding entertainment planning right at home, on your computer, with our simplified online party worksheets and our interactive online song request list.

Also, if you decide that you just don’t want to risk your wedding right now, your deposit payment will apply to any event you schedule with us up to one year from your original wedding date.

I hope this article has been helpful.

Jay Congdon, President

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