What Does the Groom Have to Do - and When?

Posted: 5/13/2019


What Does the Groom Have to Do - and When?


|t's easy for a groom to say, "My fiancee is doing all of our wedding planning, and all I have to do is show up." But there's actually a lot of planning that requires a groom's personal attention. We've boiled it down to the essentials in an easy-to-follow timeline.

For starters...

Typically the groom pops the question. He and the bride agree on a wedding date and the ceremony and reception venues. The groom picks his groomsmen, and decides which friends and relatives to invite to the wedding. And most of the time, he chooses the couple's entertainment.

Six months to go...

Your guest list should be done by now. Your wedding rings should be bought by now. Your DJ should be hired by now. It's time to hire your limo, start making honeymoon plans (passports, if it's out of the country), and familarize yourself with what your state requires for a marriage license.

Three months to go...

You and your groomsmen need to reserve your tuxedos.

Two months to go...

Finalize ceremony plans with your officiant. Shop for flowers with your bride. Reserve the restaurant for your rehearsal dinner.

 One month left...

Be sure everyone is fitted for his tuxedo. Buy gifts for your bride and attendants. Make them personal. Ask about adding your bride to your bank accounts and insurance policies.

Two weeks...

Schedule your bachelor party! File your marriage license. If you plan to move after your wedding, get change-of-address cards and start arranging hookups of water, power, cable and phone service at your new home.

One Week...

Pick up your tuxes. Assign your attendants' responsibilities for the rehearsal. Ushers should know about any special ceremony seating. Make sure your honeymoon arangements are all confirmed. Give your signed wedding license to your officiant at the rehearsal dinner.


Give your bride's ring to your best man, along with an envelope containing your officiant's fee. Pack your luggage for your wedding night. Eat a hearty breakfast. SHOW UP ON TIME!

And that's it! If you have the time and energy to help with additional arrangements, your bride will appreciate your assistance more than you know. But these are the basics. Thanks to GroomsOnline.com.  

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Jay Congdon, President

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