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What We Do - Chicago Wedding DJ Fourth Estate Audio

You're newly engaged, and you're asking Chicago wedding DJs what services they offer. Fourth Estate Audio is pleased to take you on this pictorial tour of exactly what we do. Of course, the order of everything, and variations you wish to add, can be easily accommodated. Ready?

Chicago Wedding DJ Ceremony

At your ceremony (if you need us), we'll provide about 15 minutes of quiet pre-ceremony background music as the guests take their seats. We'll play processional and recessional music of your choosing, plus any special ceremony music (sand ceremony, wine ceremony, unity candle, etc) and any music accompaniment tracks for a singer. And we'll provide a wireless microphone on a stand, and additional mics as needed.

Chicago Wedding DJ Cocktail Hour

During cocktail hour, we'll play appropriate background music. This is a perfect time for songs you like that may not be good for dancing.

Chicago Wedding DJ Introductions

When your guests are seated for dinner, we'll line up and introduce your bridal party.

Chicago Wedding DJ Cake Cutting

We'll announce your cake cutting, whether it's before, during or after dinner.

We'll introduce your speakers, and your blessing.

Chicago Wedding DJ First Dance Fourth Estate Audio

After dinner, we'll introduce you onto the dance floor for your First Dance, then follow it up with your bridal party dance (if you're having one). Then we'll get your guests up and dancing.

Chicago Wedding DJ Bride-Father Dance

We'll save your Bride-Father and/or Groom/Mother dances (or any variation) for a little later.

Later on, we'll announce your bouquet toss and/or garter toss (if you're having them).

During dancing, we'll welcome requests from your guests, within the limitations you set for us (e.g., no offensive lyrics, no Country, no pre-1990, etc.)

If you plan a special "goodbye" picture at the end of the evening, we'll assemble your guests for it.

Chicago Wedding DJ Packages Fourth Estate Audio

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