10 Wedding Arrangements You Can’t Afford to Overlook

It’s a month or less to go before your wedding – crunch time. And as you scramble to tie up all those loose ends, put these 10 “musts” at the top of your list.

Confirm accommodations for your out-of-town guests. Buy welcome baskets. Put together a three-day schedule of wedding-related events, and suggest some sightseeing activities while your guests are in town. Links to the web sites of those activities will be much appreciated.

Get your home in shape. You’re going to be having guests, so it’s time to create a warm, welcoming environment. Remember, a lot of your pre-wedding photos will be taken there, and you want a nice backdrop for those special pictures.

Confirm that your marriage license hasn’t expired. Remember, the license isn’t good forever. If you need to renew it, check with your local authorities to be sure you take all the proper papers to get your license in order.

Set up visits, phone calls or Skype conferences with your vendors. Review all the instructions you’ve given your DJ, photographer, florist, baker and so forth, and make sure they’re on the same page as you are. It’s easier to fine-tune or correct misunderstandings before the wedding than to try to fix them on the fly.

Create a wedding day timeline for your key players. Your vendors, attendants, parents and other important people will appreciate knowing exactly where they need to be, what they need to be doing, and when.

Have a final fitting of everything you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. That includes your shoes, accessories, jewelry and dancing clothes, if you’re changing out of your gown. Be sure your attendants have final fittings, too.

Make a list of everything that will need to be transported. And designate people to handle that transport. Package all your attendants’ accessories in a single bag to be passed out before the wedding. Be sure your ceremony flowers make it to your reception hall. Other essentials include favors, photo props, instant cameras, your cake topper. They won’t do you any good sitting back at home in your livingroom.

Create a wedding day emergency kitThis page has a comprehensive list of everything you’re likely to need.

Schedule your beauty appointments. Confirm your visits to your hairdresser, makeup artist and any other beautification specialists, so you’ll look your absolute best.

Assign your dinner seating. There are several online programs that can simplify your seating chart. Give your guests about three weeks before the wedding to RSVP, then give your caterer the final count. If someone who didn’t RSVP shows up unannounced, simply let them know that the meal count is already finalized, and they won’t be participating in dinner.

Finalizing these critical arrangements will allow you to show up for your wedding, knowing that all the logistics are in place, and you’re free to relax and enjoy yourselves.

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