Here’s How Couples Make Their Wedding Guests Feel Unwelcome

Chances are, you’ve attended a wedding or two, and encountered one or more of these unfortunate slights. They suggest the couple didn’t truly consider their guests’ comfort or convenience, and they left a bad taste in your mouth. To refresh your memory, ask yourself if you had to endure one of more of these… and be sure you don’t subject YOUR guests to the same mistreatment.

Should I Review a Wedding Vendor Who Let Me Down?

It’s natural to want to spread the good news about a wedding vendor who went above and beyond, to make your wedding truly special. But what about those vendors who were just plain awful? Here are some things to consider before you trash them for the whole world to see.

Wedding Picture Killers

Even the best-laid wedding plans aren’t enough to protect you from a wedding album full of spoiled pictures. Here are some red flags that can pop up in the middle of what were supposed to be treasured photos — and how to fix them before they become a problem.

Should We Select Every Song for the Entire Night?

For the most part, our couples are flexible about their dance music request lists, because they know their guests may or may not share their musical tastes, and they want their guests to have a great time. But each couple wants to personalize its request list to some degree. Otherwise, every wedding would be just like every other wedding. Here are some request list guidelines.