Thou Shalt Not Break These Wedding Rules

There is plenty of flexibility for a couple planning a wedding. Traditions change. Styles change. Music changes. The very nature of marriage is even changing. But there remain some hard and fast rules that are meant to help make your wedding as stress-free as possible. And breaking them may expose you to a lot of needless headaches. Here they are.

How to Choose the Perfect Caterer

Not every caterer is right for every wedding. Some caterers are perfect for a relaxed, rustic affair, while others excel at the grandest gala. But whether your wedding is high-end or totally casual, or something in between, there are some basic rules for creating your ideal meal. Let’s get started.

How to Survive an Entire Wedding Weekend

A wedding isn’t just a half hour in a church or temple and a few hours of dinner and dancing. For most couples, it’s just the centerpiece of a long weekend. And you need to prepare for extended time with family and friends from out of town. Here are some important things to consider when filling out your guest list and arranging three to four days of activities.

Your Wedding Budget: How to Know What NOT to Keep

Planning a wedding is all about choices; and any wedding vendor who wants to sell you something will try to be one of those choices. But there’s simply no way to fulfill your every fantasy without an unlimited budget, and most couples don’t have that luxury. Here’s how to get the maximum bang for your limited bucks.

How to Put on Your Own “Brady Bunch” Wedding

Blending two families with children is sensitive business, and your wedding offers great opportunities to celebrate your new union and bring your families together in a very special way. Here are some creative ideas on how to make every member of each family feel essential and valued.

Eight Wedding Rainbuster Essentials

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’re probably dreading the threat of rain ruining your entire day. Well, it doesn’t have to. Here’s a common sense 8-point plan to ensure that rain won’t stop the party. In fact, it may even become an asset.

Rules of Etiquette for Wedding Thank You Notes

You’re back home from your honeymoon, and you have a house or apartment full of great wedding gifts. Now it’s time to show your gratitude for the people who helped make your wedding so special. Here’s how to tastefully share your sentiment.

Wedding Wisdom – with a Smile

Poets and song writers have sought to define marriage with the perfect words. But it seems that philosophers and comedians produce the best wedding wisdom. Here are a dozen great truisms of marriage, thanks to our friends at funnymarriageadvice.com.