Year: 2018

Wedding DJ Horror Stories

One of the things we ask our couples when we first meet with them is, “Have you ever seen a bad DJ at a wedding? What went wrong?” Their answers are very instructive, and just may save YOUR wedding.

Make Your Out-of-town Guests Feel Like Royalty with a Great Gift Bag

Imagine you’re in a strange city for a friend or relative’s wedding. You don’t know anyone but the couple. You don’t know the city. You’re stranded until the wedding. Don’t let that happen to the people who cared enough to travel long-distance to be part of your special celebration. Here’s how to put together a very special gift bag for your visitors’ hotel rooms.

How to Hack Thousands of Dollars off Your Wedding Bill

The cost of an average wedding is more than $30,000. But if the thought of that price tag sends you into a panic, fear not. There are literally hundreds of ways to trim your wedding budget; and they can easily add up to thousands of dollars. We’ll give you just a few of them here: