The Four Most Common Brides’ Problems – Solved!

Planning the ultimate fantasy wedding has a way of crashing into some unpleasant realities. Here are four that you can expect to pop up – if they haven’t already – and some smart ways you can easily defuse them and keep your dream wedding on track.

Does Your Wedding Really Need Lighting?

If your wedding budget has room for lighting, you’re in for a great experience. Not all weddings need lighting, but the right lights lend warmth, elegance and drama to a room. Here are some points to ponder, as you consider lighting your party room.

Ten Tips That Will Remove 90% of Your Wedding Headaches

Planning a wedding presents a whole host of opportunities to wreck your credit, destroy your friendships, and drive you to a nervous breakdown; but following these common sense tips can smooth out that bumpy road, and ensure a relatively stress-free planning experience.

How to Plan a Successful Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is a great chance for your attendants and families to get to know each other on a more personal level. And for a lot of couples, it’s the relaxing moment they’ll spend until the end of their reception. It all gets pretty hectic once the wedding day begins; so the rehearsal dinner is the perfect moment to let your hair down and center yourselves for the big show to come. It’s also the perfect time to pass out thank-you gifts to everyone who helped you plan your special day.

Party Killing Mistakes Too Many Couples Make

Here is a list of etiquette, logistics and planning mistakes that can drain much of the enjoyment out of your wedding reception. We offer them as an early warning, so you won’t be one of those couples whose guests end up feeling cheated.

What Will Be Your Wedding’s “Big Bang?”

It is simply impossible to have a wedding that fulfills your every fantasy, regardless of whether your wedding budget is $10,000 or $250,000. So how do you throw a wedding that gives you a “big bang” for your buck? These tips will show you the way.