A Great Wedding Is More Than Just a Meal

This may be the best advice you’ll ever get, if you’re looking for a truly epic wedding reception. Think with your feet, not with your stomach! Here’s why.

Think of the last wedding reception you attended. Quick! What did you eat for dinner? If your meal isn’t burned into your memory forever, the bride and groom wasted a lot of money on their food. And so will you, if you’re not careful.

As professional DJs for more than 50 years, we’ve encountered lots — no, make that LOTS — of couples who spent practically their entire budget on the wedding dinner — from $15,000 and up — and then had to cut back drastically on everything else, just to keep from going broke.

By the time they get to hiring a DJ, they’re suddenly “on a tight budget,” and looking only for a DJ whose prices are as close to zero as possible. Some of those couples have been kind enough to share their experiences with us. Every couple — EVERY couple — regretted short-changing their entertainment. 

Their bargain basement DJ performed like a bargain basement DJ; within 30 minutes after dinner, the dance floor was empty, and remained empty for the rest of the night. The guests went home early, writing off the reception as just another boring dinner. But that doesn’t have to happen to you.

You don’t need to order top-of-the-line entrees or top-shelf liquor for your guests. It’s wise to resist your venue or caterer’s sales pitch to buy the best of everything, leaving you with no budget for anything else. Skip the wedding favors, too, unless they’re some kind of inexpensive snack.

A simple chicken dinner, or even a buffet, will be just as popular; and you’ll have enough money left for a DJ who actually knows how to ignite your dance floor. Your guests will really remember the great time they had — or put differently, the great party the two of you threw!

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