Advice from Chicago Brides and Grooms

“What’s the Smartest Thing I Did While Planning My Wedding?”

  • The smartest thing I did was to stay organized. By being organized I was able to manage more and without stress. I stayed organized by keeping a binder with everything wedding and kept it with me any time I needed to make decisions. — Kari Carmona
  • I think the smartest thing we did was including all people’s input, especially each other’s. So many weddings seem to not include what the groom wants, and that is a shame. The thing I wish we would have done was check to see if the reception hall had a generator, because that is what I now tell all my friends to check. – Katie Garapolo
  • The things that you want and the options out there can be limitless; so what helped us was picking a short list of the “must haves” for our day, and knowing what we DID NOT want. – Sarah & Rafael Herrera
  • The smartest thing I did while planning my wedding was reading online lists of “Lessons Learned by Brides”. For example, one bride pointed out that she took her veil off right away so she could dance, and she regretted not wearing it longer because you really only get to wear a veil one day of your life… and for a lot of people, that’s what makes you a bride. Another bride pointed out she was so relieved she waited a week after her wedding to go on her honeymoon because it let them decompress and pack without feeling overwhelmed. Both were pieces of advice I used for my big day. – Kate Hightower
  • Mitigate indecisiveness. By that, I mean don’t argue over small details. Fourth Estate Audio was a no brainer via Yelp, so we went with it, and they were fantastic! Others should follow suit for DJ, flowers, etc. – Dan Roscoe
  • The smartest thing I did while planning my wedding was when I finally stopped trying to please everyone else by listening to their ideas/wishes/advice and instead focused on my future husband and me. It is YOUR day, after all, not theirs. – Melody Lim
  • I think the smartest thing that Nick and I did was to take some time the night before our wedding when we stepped away from everyone else just to be together and feel close.  There are so many little things that can go wrong at a wedding, and there are so many feelings and opinions involved, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.  Little things are just that — little.  Sure, there were mistakes with our flowers and our cake, but honestly, who cares?  People keep commenting on how relaxed I was the day of the wedding.  There’s no reason to be stressed.  If you know in your heart that you are committing to a lifetime with the right person, then there is nothing to fear or worry about. – Jenny Mucia.

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