Broke? Try a Pop-up Wedding

Today’s millennials often find themselves without the financial assets to plan a full wedding ceremony, dinner and an evening of dancing. But the market always finds a way. One popular new trend among young couples is the pop-up wedding.

Since the primary purpose of a wedding is to unite a couple in marriage, a pop-up wedding offers an intimate celebration, stripped down to its essentials, with a very small guest list (no more than 20), but rich in sentiment. Here’s how it works.  

You’ll need a venue — not a grand ballroom or a cathedral or temple, but rather a special place where you can hold a short ceremony and an equally short reception. It can be your favorite park, or bar, or garden, or rooftop, or perhaps the place where you had your first date, or where you became engaged. If it’s a public place, you’ll need permission. Nothing worse than someone shooing you and your guests away in the middle of your ceremony. 

What else do you need? Rings, a bouquet, a boutonniere, a wedding license, fashions (bridal gown/tux), seats, an officiant and a photographer. Everything else is optional.

What options should you consider? A musician or an a capella singer for your ceremony. Sparklers, confetti or flower petals for your festive recessional. Light appetizers and punch. A small cake and topper.

What can you skip? Huge floral displays. Decorations. Favors. Bridesmaids and groomsmen. A caterer. A gift registry. And — I hate to say this — a DJ.  

Should you hire a planner? You might think there’s no need for a planner for such a small celebration. But there are planners who specialize in pop-up weddings; and a good one can line up your venue, your officiant, your bouquet and boutonniere, and even your photographer — and in some cases, pull it all together for less than $2,000. One good option is “Pop the Knot.” There are other pop-up planners who include a small cake with topper, and even a photo album, as part of their service — at additional expense, of course.

Perhaps you want to wait until your finances are more solid before you throw a big reception for all your friends and relatives, and instead devote your immediate resources to putting a down payment on a house. Then a pop-up wedding may be just what you’re looking for.  

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