Chicago Wedding Shortcuts

While a great wedding planner can help you untangle most of those little time-consuming, stress-creating details for you, perhaps you’ve chosen to handle your own planning instead. These shortcuts will save you hours of busy work, and let you focus on what’s really important – each other.

  • Number your wedding invitation RSVP cards. If a guest leaves off any information in his RSVP (like a name), you’ll know who to contact for more information. More info.
  • A foam brush and a glass of water is better than a dry tongue. Makes sealing all those wedding invitations much easier. More info.
  • Create a special wedding email address. Something like “” Have all of your wedding-related email sent there, so it’s all in one place. When your wedding is over, simply set up the account to forward to your permanent email address. More info.
  • Buy a “Mr. & Mrs.” rubber stamp – or stickers. Saves a lot of time over addressing everything by hand. More info.
  • Make a sheet of name-and-address labels. If you go to bridal fairs, you’ll be asked have to sign up for dozens of drawings and free gifts. This way, you don’t have to write everything out, over and over and over.  More info.
  • Color-code sticky notes for your seating chart. Lets you experiment with seating arrangements until you find the right balance. More info.
  • Create activity books for the kids. Keeps them entertained quietly, instead of thrashing around your banquet room and knocking over your wedding cake. More info.
  • Create a contact list with all your wedding vendors. Include names, web addresses and phone numbers of anyone you may need to call, to put out those little wedding day fires.
  • Build a wedding day emergency kit. Whether it’s an aspirin, a safety pin, spot remover or tape for a loose hem, some simple items could be real lifesavers. More info.
  • Baby powder may be a bride’s best friend. It’s going to be hot under that gown. More info.
  • Prepare a list of stock wedding photos in advance. Gather your rings, your bouquets, your wedding program, your champagne glasses and all those other inanimate objects, so your photographer can shoot them all at once, and then have more time for you and your wedding party.

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