Eight Wedding Rainbuster Essentials

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’re probably dreading the threat of rain ruining your entire day. Well, it doesn’t have to. Here’s a common sense 8-point plan to ensure that rain won’t stop the party. In fact, it may even become an asset.

Rent a tent! That should be your #1 priority. If there’s no indoor option, you’ll need something to keep your guests dry. If your budget allows it, ask for a tent with a clear ceiling, to take advantage of natural light when the rain stops. Check with tent rental companies in your area about what the rental will cost, when you need to confirm your rental, and when the tent will be set up and taken down.

Umbrellas. Several of our clients decided to ignore the forecast and hold their outdoor wedding ceremonies in the elements, rain and all. But your guests shouldn’t be required to get soaked. You can order personalized (or plain) colorful umbrellas as wedding favors. If it doesn’t rain, you know your guests will eventually find plenty of use for their new umbrellas.

Rain boots. One of our couples came prepared. And when the rain started, they brought out matching polka-dot boots for the entire wedding party! If made for some great photo ops, and allowed the ladies to keep their high heels dry.

Bad hair day? Ask your hairdresser what hairstyles lend themselves to wet days. Don’t encourage your bridesmaids to get anything elaborate that could be ruined by a little rainfall. Simpler is better. Don’t forget waterproof makeup.

Rain photography. If you know you’re going to have your wedding outdoors, assume it’ll rain. And when you shop for your photographer, ask to see pictures he or she has taken in the rain. Some photographers can produce spectacular images that take full advantage of mist, raindrops, puddles, etc. The best photographers may even use dramatic backlighting to create dramatic evening pictures.

Rain and wind. Adding wind to a rainy spring or fall day can drive the temperature down to uncomfortable levels. Consider renting portable heaters. And ask if your tent has side flaps that fold down when it gets chilly.

Rain and heat. A midsummer wedding can easily turn into a sauna if rain is followed by high temperatures and high humidity. Consider printing your wedding programs on fans. Provide your guests with bottled water, hairspray and towelettes. And for dinner and dancing in the tent, rent a half dozen big floor fans or forced-air air conditioners.

Wiggle room. If intermittent rain is the order of the day, you may want to take your chances with shifting around your schedule. If it looks like the rain is almost over, perhaps your could begin the evening with a cocktail hour, followed by your ceremony, then dinner and dancing. Be sure to have a good supply of dry towels to wipe off the seats before the ceremony. Anything you can do to avoid inconveniencing your guests will be much appreciated.

Done correctly, a rainy day wedding can turn into a great memory for you and your guests. 

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