How Do You Tell Your Guests, “No Children?”

Children are a joy. Just ask any parent. But many couples prefer a wedding reception free of tiny hands, feet and voices. How do you tell your guests that they’ll need to leave the kids with a babysitter? Here are a few strategies.

The Direct Approach

Any of these notifications on your wedding invitations should do the trick:

  • No children please
  • Adults only
  • Adult wedding and reception
  • Please respect our wishes for a child-free reception
  • This invitation is for adults only

If you want to soften the blow, explain your decision in one of these ways:

  • To ensure a relaxing evening for parents and non-parents alike, our wedding day will be an adults-only celebration. We hope you are able to share our special day with a little time away from the kids.
  • We want to give our adult guests a chance to let their hair down without worrying about little eyes and ears. So we respectfully request that no children attend.
  • While we love to watch the children run and play, this is an adults-only kind of day.
  • Sweet dreams to children under (pick an age). This wedding is just for grown-ups.

If your venue imposes the no-children restriction, say so:

  • Due to restrictions at our venue, children are not invited.
  • Management requests no children under the age of **.
  • By request of management, no children, please.

If kids are okay at the ceremony, say it this way:

  • Children welcome at ceremony only.
  • Wedding ceremony followed by adults-only reception.
  • Children are very welcome at our ceremony, but the reception is just for adults.
  • You’re welcome to bring the kids to the ceremony; but to ensure a relaxed adult atmosphere later in the evening, we must limit our reception to adults only.

It’s your wedding, and if you choose to let your guests enjoy a few hours without the responsibility of watching the kids, don’t be afraid to say so. Those who can’t find a few hours of child care will just have to hear all the great stories about what a fun time everyone else had at your party.

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