How to Hack Thousands of Dollars off Your Wedding Bill

The cost of an average wedding is more than $30,000. But if the thought of that price tag sends you into a panic, fear not. There are literally hundreds of ways to trim your wedding budget; and they can easily add up to thousands of dollars. We’ll give you just a few of them here:

Print your invitations on post cards. You’ll save money on postage.

Choose a venue with its own décor. A park or museum is certain to have plenty of outdoor scenery or indoor art that’ll make for great photo spots.

Get married on Friday or Sunday. Venues charge the most for Saturday weddings.

Plan an afternoon reception. Lunch and appetizers cost less than a 7-course dinner. And a venue that can turn the room around in time for an evening wedding will give you a great break on the price for your afternoon wedding.

Skip the table cards. They’re expensive, or time consuming, or both. A tasteful seating chart will accomplish the same purpose.

Single-flower centerpieces are cheaper than bouquets. Surround them with inexpensive candles, and you’ve just saved hundreds of dollars.

Post your menu at the entrance. No need to print out a menu for each table setting.

Skip the wedding favors. Most people leave them at the table anyway. If you must give your guests something, make it something edible.

Display a decorated fake layer cake with a small, real cake at the top for cutting. Then serve your guests a cheaper pan cake that can be cut in the kitchen.

Skip the veil. Wear a garland of pretty flowers instead.

Skip the limo. Call Uber instead. Your driver will be there in minutes, and you won’t pay a fortune for a limo driver to wait all night for you.

Skip the hard liquor. Offer a selection of wine, beer and soft drinks instead.

Choose a DJ instead of a band for your entertainment. A DJ can double as your MC. He doesn’t take breaks. And you can select from a much wider variety of dance music.

Following just this small selection of wedding hacks will relieve much of the financial strain of putting on your wedding; and none of your guests will feel cheated. They’re going to your wedding for YOU, not for the show.

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