Party Killing Mistakes Too Many Couples Make

A wedding reception is a party you throw for your friends and families; and you want them to have a great time… don’t you?
Here is a list of etiquette, logistics and planning mistakes that can drain much of the enjoyment out of your big day. We offer them as an early warning, so you won’t be one of those couples whose guests end up feeling cheated.

  • Don’t try to hold a reception without alcohol. Regardless of whether you personally plan to drink, a few cocktails can bring people out of their shells and make the whole evening more fun. 
  • Don’t skimp on appetizers. While booze is a social lubricant, booze without food can leave some of your guests a little too lubricated.
  • Don’t have a cash bar. You don’t make your house guests buy their drinks; treat your wedding guests with the same courtesy.
  • Don’t let your toasters drone on too long. Long speeches aren’t very tolerable on an empty stomach. Tell your speakers to keep it brief; and if necessary, tell your DJ to be ready with theme music to gradually drown them out if they go too long.
  • Don’t pick a venue without adequate parking. No one likes to walk 5 blocks in the rain or heat or cold from their parking space to your reception.
  • Don’t misspell names. Seeing your name misspelled on your table card makes you wonder whether the bride and groom even know who you are.
  • Don’t force 200 people to share a single restroom. You’d be surprised how many venues have inadequate comfort facilities. Ask in advance.
  • Don’t ignore your guests. Either have a receiving line, or visit the dinner tables. Everyone deserves a little face time to congratulate you personally.
  • Don’t force your guests to sit with strangers. When making out your seating chart, try to ensure that each guest knows at least one other person at his dinner table.
  • Don’t have open seating. It’s easier and less stressful for your guests when they know where to sit.
  • Don’t hire a DJ who loves to talk all the time. No one has ever danced to a DJ’s voice; and constantly interrupting the party with inappropriate comments will make it nearly impossible to create a good vibe on the dance floor.
  • Don’t choose dance music for just one age group. Unless all of your guests are the same age as you, they’ll want a wide variety of dance music. As good hosts, you should give them some say over the song selection.

Your guests will remember whether you made them feel loved and appreciated. Following these guidelines will go a long way toward making your reception a wonderful memory for everyone.

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