What to Do Between Your Ceremony and Reception

Unless you’re planning your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place, you’re going to have some time between them. Here’s how to put that time to productive use. 

Eat dinner! You thought you were going to eat at your reception, didn’t you? Well, your guests will have other ideas. Every one of them will want face time with you, just as your meal is served; and by the time you’ve talked with them all, your table will have already been cleared. Rather than face the last three hours of your reception on the verge of starvation and exhaustion, plan ahead and fuel up! Consider it a bonus if you’re able to get a mouthful of food at the reception.
Take lots of pictures. Your gown, make-up and hair are at their best right now; and chances are, your lighting will be at its best in the afternoon. Take advantage of it, and get lots of pictures of you and your new spouse before you head for the reception.
Time for touch-ups. Before you leave for the reception, take a good look at yourself in a mirror. You may need to fix your face and have your stylist freshen your “do.” Your Maid of Honor should be at your side with all those little emergency provisions like pins, hair spray, lipstick and so forth.
Change out of your heels. It’s time to get comfortable. Flats are better for a reception. Even thong sandals or TOMS are more appropriate for dancing. This is no time to fall off your heels and sprain an ankle just before your honeymoon.
Thank your families. They’ll all be gathered together while the rest of your guests head off to the reception. Now is the perfect time to pull your parents, grandparents and other special people aside to thank them individually for everything they’ve done. You won’t have time at the reception. So do it now.
Find some private time. Get away from the chaos, just the two of you, and marvel together at what you’ve just done. If you want to share letters you’ve written for each other, this is the time. Most importantly, take time to remember that, long after the celebration is over and the guests have left, you’ll still have each other for the rest of your lives. 
Have an adult beverage. Perhaps you can arrange for a special celebratory cocktail to be delivered to the two of you right after the ceremony. You probably won’t be drinking a lot at your reception. So a quiet toast beforehand will give you a chance to bond and prepare. 
Meet and greet. Many couples choose to have a reception line at the church or temple, so they’ve already said hello to everyone, and there is less pressure to find and greet every guest at the reception. If you don’t have a receiving line, use your cocktail hour to say hello to the people who’ve come a great distance, and those you haven’t seen in years.
Think of the time between your ceremony and reception as a time-management opportunity. Using it correctly can free up a lot of your time and energy at the reception, and let you relax and party with your friends, instead of working and micro-managing to the very end of your big night.

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