Chicago Wedding Times – March, 2023

Match the Name with the Rapper

Cardi B
Jay Z
Flavor Flav
Notorious B.I.G.
Post Malone
Lil’ Wayne
Travis Scott

Real Names
Jacques Webster II
Austin Post
Belcalis Almánzar
Aubrey Graham
William Drayton Jr.
Shawn Carter
Christopher Wallace
Marshall Mathers III
Nasir Jones
Dwayne Carter Jr.

If you can guess 5, you’re about average. The results below.

It’s All About The Feeling – Wedding Advice That Doesn’t Suck

Let’s make one thing clear about your wedding: it doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s wedding. There’s an entire industry devoted to convincing you to stick to traditions you had no part in creating. Don’t let the mechanics of your wedding get in the way of a great celebration. Here’s how to take back control of your big day.

Know how you want your wedding to feel. Whether it’s a low-budget backyard gathering, a rustic barn affair, or a grand gala at a 5-star hotel, the goal is to help you connect with the people closest to you, and to let them connect with one another. Once you have a clear vision of your dream wedding, it’ll be much easier to ignore recommendations that don’t fit your vision.

Get people together early. Look for ways to gather your family and friends together before the actual ceremony. There’s no law that says the ceremony has to come before cocktail hour. Let people congregate, meet and greet, and get to know one another before you ask them to sit down for the formal ceremony. If that’s not possible, arrange an informal gathering a day or two before the ceremony. Perhaps you can include some fun games. That way, your guests will be at ease when your ceremony begins, and they won’t feel as though they must sit stiffly and silently through it.

Break it up. If you have a core group of family or friends in one state, and another group in another state, and your budget allows it, have separate ceremonies and receptions in both states.  

Remember, the ceremony is just for show. The only real requirement for a marriage is a marriage certificate. One you’ve signed it and filed it, you’re married! Everything else is just a party you’re throwing for your friends. If it rains on your outdoor wedding, you’re still married. If you spill red wine on your gown, you’re still married. If your drunk brother makes a scene at your reception, you’re still married. Practically any wedding “disaster” will be nothing more than a chuckle when you look back on your wedding photos 30 years from now. In fact, the unexpected detours may provide some of your favorite pictures, if you just keep your eye on the BIG picture.

When your guests feel comfortable and have a great time, your wedding is perfect. You don’t need to spend a fortune, unless you want to. Just remember, it’s all about the love, not the show.

Real Chicago Wedding – Dec. 3, 2022

Tylar and Phil Davis shared a joyful evening with family and friends as they were married at Drury Lane. A spirited evening of fine dining and dancing followed, with the evening’s soundtrack curated by the Chicago DJ professionals of Fourth Estate Audio. – spanning everything from Sinatra to Snoop Dogg.

How to Put the “Spring” in a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are truly special. The air is a little fresher, the grass is a little greener, and all the flowers are at their brightest. But don’t count on the weather to cooperate, especially in the early spring. Following these tips will ensure a great and memorable celebration. 

Outsmart Mother Nature. Don’t bet everything on a perfect sunny, warm day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, rent a tent, so a spring shower doesn’t wreck your plans. Also, plan for chilly weather by providing throw blankets for your ceremony guests. And start on time. Don’t leave your friends and family waiting in the cold for the benefit of a single late-arriving guest.

Make the venue fit the party, not vice versa. Don’t book a massive ballroom if you’re having only 50 guests. Your party will look and feel like a failure. By the same token, don’t book a small, cozy venue where you’ll have to place your dinner tables 3 inches apart to fit everyone in. Ask a venue to give an honest assessment of how many people each room can accommodate comfortably for dinner and dancing. Then pick the room that fits your needs. If a restaurant doesn’t have enough room for a dance floor, find somewhere else, unless you’re having only 20 guests for a cocktail reception.

Contrast is your friend. Spring colors tend to feature a lot of soft, gauzy pastels. And that’s nice, but you can go overboard trying to create a neutral background. Consider pairing a pastel pink with a bright pink or bold purple when you’re choosing bridesmaid gowns or florals. Try the same idea with other primary or secondary colors. 

Let there be light. To create a warm atmosphere, consider candles on your dinner tables, and perhaps votive candles on your walls. Spring is also a great time to add elegant uplighting to your reception. Sunset comes early, and warm columns of light, matched to your décor, can really pull your color scheme together. And the best uplights can be animated for dancing, to electrify the entire room when dinner is over. For more uplighting ideas, visit this page.

Be honest about your budget. Not every couple can afford a grand gala at a 5-star hotel. But the success of your wedding will actually depend on how well you weave your love story into your day and share it with the people closest to you. Your guests will forget your color scheme, your fashions, your food and your favors. They’ll remember the experience of spending time with you, making new friends, and sharing some great fun on the dance floor.

Anything from a barn to a picnic pavilion to a museum can be a great wedding venue, and at a very reasonable price. Set your ideal budget for each vendor — photographer, DJ, florist, baker, etc. — and see what’s available in your price range. If you want something beyond what’s being offered, you may have to budget more money, or give up some unnecessary frills to make room in your existing budget.

A festive spring wedding will get everyone’s entire year off to a great start. Follow these tips, and everything else will take care of itself.

Here are the results of our quiz.

Cardi B = Belcalis Almánzar
Jay Z = Shawn Carter
Drake = Aubrey Graham
Eminem = Marshall Mathers III
Flavor Flav = William Drayton Jr.
Notorious B.I.G. = Christopher Wallace
Nas = Nasir Jones
Post Malone = Austin Post
Lil’ Wayne = Dwayne Carter Jr.
Travis Scott = Jacques Webster II

How did you do?

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