Chicago Uplighting

Bathe Your Banquet Room in the Warm Glow of Elegant Chicago Uplighting

Glowing columns of soft light will create an elegant atmosphere for your special night. The beams can be vertical or diagonal. We offer an infinite number of colors, so we can match the lights to your wedding colors. And we can, at your option, position some of the lights under your wedding party’s head table for a dramatic effect.

For a small extra fee, we can program your lights to gradually change color, or flash in a medley of different colors. They can even be programmed in an occasional strobe effect to create excitement on the dance floor.

And since we use energy-efficient, cool-to-the-touch LED uplighting fixtures, there’s no danger that a curious child will accidentally burn himself by touching the light.

These pictures will give you some ideas of the infinite possibilities that lie before you when you include professional uplighting as part of your perfect evening.

Chicago Uplighting Pricing – Up to 12 Lights

$400 – Static

Each light fixture stays the same color all evening.

$500 – Animated (offered with our DJ packages)

Adds color transition, chasing effects, multi-color medley, strobe effects during dancing

$30 per additional light fixture

We also offer:

Would you like your Chicago wedding DJ to contact you about elegant Chicago uplighting and great music? Start by checking our availability on your date.