The Fourth Estate Audio FlashCard

The Fourth Estate Audio FlashCard – A Party in Your Pocket

Fourth Estate audio flash card

You’re going to hire a Chicago DJ for your wedding reception, class reunion, corporate party or other event. And you know you have a few special songs that your DJ probably doesn’t have. Until now, you had to burn them onto a CD, and be careful not to leave it home when you left for the party. Now there’s an easier way.

Fourth Estate Audio’s revolutionary new FlashCard is a 1 GB credit card sized portable USB flash drive. That’s enough capacity for as many as 200 songs. That’s more than you’ll ever need for a great party.

  • No More CD’s. A CD is easy to misplace or forget. A CD can scratch and skip. And a CD holds only 15 to 20 songs.
  • No More iPhone. Your device’s batteries can run down, just when you need it most. A screen can go black, a split second before you want to press “play.” The slightest touch can make your device jump from one song to an unwanted song. Plus, with an iPhone, any incoming phone can disrupt a song as it’s playing.

With the FlashCard, you simply flip the USB plug, insert it into your computer, and copy the desired mp3 or m4a music files from your Apple Music, Rhapsody, Spotify or other playlist. Take the FlashCard with you to your party. Your Chicago DJ from Fourth Estate Audio will plug it into his playback unit; and your songs are all loaded and ready to play.

When the party is over, your DJ gives you back your FlashCard, and it’s yours to keep and use as you please. You’ll probably think of a thousand uses for it. And since it fits in your pocket with your credit cards, it won’t break off and get lost, like a thumb-drive on your keychain.

How do I get one?

It’s free to all Fourth Estate Audio clients. When we visit with you to help you begin planning your evening’s entertainment, we’ll give you your own FlashCard. All it takes is a phone call to arrange a date and time that are convenient for you. We’re at (630) 654-4440. We look forward to hearing from you.