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Posted: 9/19/2014

 Great Advice from Top Wedding Vendors




David Bower, Our Memories in Motion





A slide show
.  I can't think of a better way to entertain your guests than a slide show of pictures of you and your spouse growing up, as well as pictures of your love growing. The comments of, "Oh, I remember that" and "Oh, he/she was so cute as a baby" are guaranteed. A slide show also makes a great gift for the parents of the newlyweds!

The traditional wedding album in changing. Many couples don't even buy a wedding album anymore; so the pictures stay on a disc and get thrown into a drawer somewhere. A slide show lets you show those photos to your families and friends in a fun and entertaining manner, without lugging a heavy book around.

Do you want the audio from your wedding ceremony preserved? Simply have someone record the sound from the altar, or better yet, if your officiant uses a microphone, from the speaker. Then your vows can be added, along with your favorite music, as part of the soundtrack for your slide show DVD presentation.


Shane & Abby Cleminson,

Apple Tree Studios




Hire a professional videographer -
Look for someone with experience, real reviews and good equipment. Nothing will ruin your wedding photos and annoy your photographer as badly as an amateur videographer in the photographer's way. Must have wireless microphones and two cameras.

Know what you want - Videographers tend to fall into two categories; artistic or journalistic, and some will offer a mix. "Artistic" companies tend to deliver a short highly edited video that will include the high points but may not have whole speeches or first dances and the like. "Journalistic" will normally be longer edits, so you get a full documentary with your vows and speeches, plus a short five-minute video that family and friends will watch.

Read your contract - Make sure you know how long delivery will take, what the format for delivery of the video will be, how long the film crew or single videographer will be available on the wedding day, and what happens if there is extra time needed, and very importantly, in an emergency, what happens if a crew member is ill the day of the wedding.

Don’t do guest interviews - Everyone says the same thing, and a few overzealous people hog the time your camera operator could be filming some other important spontaneous event. Plus, it's awkward to ask strangers to say something on camera when loud music is playing in the background.

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