How to Hire Us

Congratulations on finding your DJ! That’s always a big hump to clear when you’re planning a party. Here’s how to hire us.

  1. Submit your online service agreement. Verify that we’re available on your date. Then fill in your personal information, plus your event information, and select the options you’d like to add to personalize your big event. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll receive an instant e-mail verifying your total price, and giving you a temporary password to access our secure server.
  2. Pay your $100 deposit. Once you’ve submitted your $100 initial deposit, your service agreement becomes valid. Once you have the password, you can login here. Enter your event date and password, click “Login,” then the “My Event” tab at the top, then the “Print Contracts/Worksheets” link at the right, and choose “Contract,” then “Web Page.” You’ll see your completed DJ Service Agreement. A simple electronic signature at the bottom confirms the agreement. You may also print your own copy if you like. We’ll also confirm your booking by regular mail, and give you a permanent login password to access your event planning forms as your date gets closer.