Video Projection Equipment That Makes Your Presentation Come Alive!

We’ve teamed with Audio Visual Productions to provide you with a broad range of video playback and projection options — from the smallest wedding to the largest trade exhibition.

VidTech offers high-end digital playback decks in DV, DVCam, DVCPro, Digital Beta and Digital Cinema formats.

And AVP can do something as simple as provide a screen if you already have your own projector. For more ambitious presentations, AVP can provide a full projector-and-screen system with Direct Box for computer audio/iPod, a VGA cable to your speaker’s podium, and and an audio mixer to plug into your house sound system.

VidTech will work closely with your event planner, and upon request, arrange a visit to your venue to determine your precise A/V needs.

Call AVP for guidance and a quote on your video projection needs. They’re at (708) 598-5850.