Great Advice from a Chicago Wedding DJ

Posted: 4/30/2018



Chicago Wedding DJ at Seville

Great Advice from a Chicago Wedding DJ  

How to streamline and de-stress your wedding



  • Be sure the groom and groomsmen try on their tuxes at least two days before the wedding, to give them time for last-minute alterations.
  • When you pose for your first-kiss picture, hold the kiss for a few seconds, to let everyone take their pictures.

  • Be sure you know the names of the people each vendor is sending to your wedding. You don't want unpleasant surprises.

  • Ask if your venue or caterer provides take-home boxes for your guests who can't finish their dinner.

  • Tell your photographer in advance what special shots you absolutely want him or her to take.

  • Have your thank-you cards written and envelopes addressed BEFORE the wedding, so you don't have that chore awaiting you when you return from your honeymoon.

  • Consider serving your wedding dinner family-style instead of having plated meals. It's a great way to encourage your guests to get to know one another.

  • Take time during your hectic wedding day to get away for a few minutes -- just the two of you -- to relax and savor the moment.

  • If you have the time and energy, write a personal note on the back of each table card, to make each guest feel special.

  • Be sure your venue has a special room set aside exclusively for you and your wedding party to use during your reception.

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