Advice from Chicago Wedding Pros #3

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Heading into 2015, expect to see a slight shift from informality back towards tradition and luxury, but without losing any individuality. To add a bit of flair and panache to your wedding, choose from one these rising trends:  

-Wedding Dress. Always follow your heart on this one. However, as a trend, you will see more and more brides incorporating color into their wedding dress.  Wearing a peek-a-boo petticoat or ombre tinted dress can add a touch of color and whimsy. Some of the more daring brides are even choosing black. Unexpectedly, the black wedding dress can be very sophisticated, sexy and chic.

-Décor. Rustic elegance will be continue wow us into 2015. The focus, however, will be on ELEGANCE, and even GLAM. Adding full ceiling draping and chandeliers to dress up a tented outdoor wedding, exchanging burlap for sequence, or spraying your mason jars metalic, will create an upscale charm without necessarily adding cost to your overall budget.            

-Cake. You will see more couples forgo the large wedding cake in favor of placing a mini cake at the center of each guest table, creating a wonderful centerpiece and conversation starter. Top with flowers, or use the table number as the cake topper. Want to give your guests an excuse to get up and meet other people? Choose a different style and flavor of cake for each table and make sure the cake serves fewer people than their table seats. This way the guests get up, mingle, and sample slices from other tables.

-Food. Serving your reception meal family style is something newer for weddings. This creates an intimate environment and encourages conversation. When going this route opt for smaller, lower centerpieces; it will help keep the beauty of the table intact. A fun addition to family style dinner is to forgo the wedding cake altogether and offer a buffet of desserts once dinner is cleared. Some of our favorite options are a pie bar or even a s’mores bar.

-Groomswear. Slightly shifting away from informality and back towards tradition and luxury, you will see groomswear becoming formal again. However, a well-tailored tux in navy or grey, or a brown 3-piece suit can be stunning while still expressing his personal sense of style.

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