Select Your Music

How to Use the Fourth Estate Audio Interactive Playlist

You may wish to print this page, and refer to it as you pick your songs.

The list is read-only in its current state. Only Fourth Estate Audio clients will get password access to make the list interactive, so they can build their request lists.

IMPORTANT! Please limit your request list to no more than 60 songs, or about a page or so of text. That’s about 3 and a half hours of dance music – plenty for most parties. Leave room for some requests from your guests. If you send 7 pages of songs, we’ll keep only the first page and a half. So be selective. Thank you.

Click the “Create Your Request List” button below – NOT YET! Wait until you’ve read all the instructions. Once you open the request list page, click “Login.” You’ll use the same password we gave you to access your planning worksheets.

Click “Create Your Request List” at the top. You may filter the list by song title or artist if you like (though most clients don’t need to get that specific). Entering “Starting Year” and “Ending Year” dates allows you to see only our songs from that period of time (useful for a class reunion or an anniversary). Clicking “Genre” lets you view our Urban (R&B/Motown/Hip Hop), Country or Latin music collections all by themselves. I’d avoid “Pop,” because a lot of pop songs actually appear in those other genres, and they won’t appear as part of the Pop collection.

Anytime you like, you may return to the top of your list and change the “Genre” button to “Any,” to display our entire song list — even after you’ve chosen some songs.

When you’ve finished selecting all of your favorites, scroll up to the top and click “Submit Your List.” You’ll be asked for your event date and phone number. In the “Questions and Comments” window, you may add any songs you didn’t find that you’d like us to get, or any special instructions.

Don’t worry if you can’t select all of your music in one session. You’ll be able to log in to your list from any computer and update it at your convenience.