How to Tell Whether He’s (or She’s) a Keeper

Before you can even think of getting married, you need a man (or woman) who is marriage-worthy, right? Here are some signs that he/she is “the one.”

He/she shares your values. How do both of you feel about the big things – faith, children, career compatibility, city vs. suburbs, and so forth? If you’re on the same page with the important stuff, the little stuff will take care of itself.
He/she likes you as you are. You’re not a “reclamation project”… you’re the finished product; and your new mate won’t try to remake you in his/her image.
He/she shows his/her love in a thousand ways every day. Whether it’s a phone call or an email that says, “Look what I found,” or an unexpected invitation to lunch, or an unexpected gift, or a willingness to take over a difficult chore… there are many ways to reaffirm one’s love. It doesn’t have to be all rolled up in one magnificent public gesture every few months. Little things mean a lot.
He/she brags about how great you are. It’s neat to be married to your best friend and greatest fan.
He/she’s willing to make long-range plans with you. That’s essential, because a wedding, a honeymoon and a home purchase aren’t put together in one or two meetings. They take time.
You feel left out, when your friends complain about their mates. You just don’t have any complaints to contribute.
You feel very much a part of each other’s families.
He/she tells you that you look great, when you think you look plain.
He/she knows how to handle your tantrums. Some people appreciate lots of help when they have a problem or a worry; others don’t want their mates always trying to “fix it.” Does your mate know when to step forward and when to just listen and be supportive?
He/she is the first person you look for, when you have good or bad news.
You can envision your life together AFTER the wedding, instead of just celebrating the celebration itself.
You’re not afraid to cry in front of each other.
Does that sound like your relationship? Jackpot! 

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