How to Turn a So-So Wedding into One Your Guests Will Remember Forever

The key to a memorable wedding is shared experiences. Your guests will go home with broad smiles if you give them opportunities to meet and greet other guests in memorable spaces, with memorable activities. Here are just a few.

A long dinner table 

Intimate weddings in small spaces call for creative seating. And being part of a long dining table puts each guest in close proximity to about 7 or 8 other guests for stimulating conversation. As a conversation starter, create a one-page trivia quiz about the newlyweds, and let your guests fill it out together. Then have your DJ announce the correct answers before dinner ends.

A great bar

You can always count on the bar to attract a lot of people, especially if it’s more than just a simple counter. Chicago is not short on wedding venues with impressive bars like these.


Outdoor weddings call for lawn games like beanbag, giant Jenga and others. Indoor weddings can feature audience-participation games involving the happy couple.

A cool lounge

People who don’t want to dance should have relaxing spaces to gather, whether it’s a DIY livingroom-style lounge, a patio, a fire pit or something similar.

Photo booth

Your guests will get a great feel for your personalities at your reception. A photo booth gives them a chance to share their own personality; and it creates some memorable photos that you’ll treasure forever.

A kids’ area

If your venue offers a complete room or a separate space for the little ones to gather, set up a TV and show a fun animated movie, and offer special coloring books and chaperoned fun activities for the kids. That way, you can enjoy your adult time without chasing the children around all night.

Line dancing

Some couples look down on line dancing as low-brow entertainment; but for many guests, those popular line dances are the only ones they know, because they’ve seen them a hundred times. And a line dance or other group dance can get a lot more people actively engaged in the party, instead of sitting on their hands and feeling left out.

Give these ideas a try. Your guests will thank you and remember what a great party you threw!

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