Reward Your Chicago Wedding DJ with a Great Review

Did you have a great experience with your wedding DJ? The best way to reward his efforts is with a gift that keeps on giving — a glowing review or testimonial. Here are some ideas to help you write it.

You looked long and hard for a DJ who would help you plan your wedding with minimal stress; one who would answer your questions promptly; one who would share his experience by giving you good advice on everything from your song selection to your introductions, from your lighting to your photography, and everything in between. And you found him! Your reception was a truly epic party, and all you had to do was relax and have fun! Other couples want that kind of experience, too; and you can help guide them to the right DJ.
A great review offers an overview of your DJ experience, and plenty of specifics.
Was your DJ prompt and responsive when you asked for guidance?
Was he helpful with his advice? Did his answers make you stop and think, “Oh, yeah, I never thought of that”?
Did he remain calm in a crisis? Practically every wedding plan takes some unexpected detours. Did your DJ take them in stride, and offer you helpful “Plan B” options?
Did he take the time to review your request list in advance, and alert you to songs that have a track record of emptying a dance floor? Did he find a way to work them in anyway, without disrupting the flow of dancing?
Did your DJ do something unexpected that really made the party, or rescued you from a potential embarrassment?
Did you get a feel that your DJ really cared about you and your guests, and went out of his way to make your wedding truly special?
All of these factors go into a perfect wedding; and all of them make great fodder for your DJ review. If you’d like some more guidance, check out these Chicago wedding DJ reviews from Wedding Wire. 
A great review is a thoughtful way to give something special to your DJ, and help him reach out with credibility to other couples planning their weddings. 

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