Wedding Getting Too Expensive? Try These Ways to Economize

It doesn’t take long to find out that the budget you created for your wedding is completely out of touch with reality. Everything costs more than you expected. But here are some great ways to clear out a little room in the budget for things you really want to keep.

Hold your wedding off-season. If you haven’t set your date yet, you’ll find that venues and vendors are more flexible on price if you book between November and March.

Use email to send your invitations. You can create a graphic with the artwork you would otherwise put on a paper invitation. Plus, RSVP-ing to an email invitation is as simple as replying to any other message. No card to fill out. No envelope or stamp to buy.

Consider a wedding at home or in a public outdoor area with plenty of room. Just remember, you’ll need to rent a tent and a dance floor.

Trim your guest list to your closest friends anmd relatives. You don’t have to invite everyone from work, or everyone you’ve met on social media.

Buy seasonal flowers. They’re cheaper; and frankly, red is red, white is white. etc.

Rent your gown. There are lots of places that are happy to rent.

Hold your ceremony at your reception site. It’s cheaper to rent one place than two.

Skip tuxes and bridesmaids’ gowns. The men can wear suits. The women can wear their own cocktail dresses. Just give them a couple of colors from which to choose, so they’ll “match.”

Have a reception brunch instead of a full dinner. 

One cake is plenty. Or consider a small cake for cutting, surrounded by dozens of cupcakes for dessert.

Ask for help from talented friends – a singer for your ceremony, an artist for your invitations, a flower expert to create your bouquet, etc.

Forget a live band. You can get a great 5-star DJ for a fraction of what a mediocre band will charge you. A DJ has a much larger song repertloire; all of his music on on-key; he’s also your professional master of ceremonies; and he can lower the volume if it’s too loud for some of your guests.  

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