Wedding Insiders Share Their Secrets for Problem-free Weddings

Here are some of the the little tricks experienced wedding planners share only with their couples to de-stress their wedding planning. Shhh! Keep them to yourself.

Got a wedding website? Include it on your save-the-date cards, so your guests can follow your planning. 

Learn how and when to say no. Everyone will be generous with unsolicited advice. Don’t be afraid to tell them “We’ve got it handled.” 

Plan a fun get-together for your bridal party. Whether bridesmaids or groomsmen, you want your entire team to be good friends by your wedding day.  

Ditch the stuffy guestbook. Replace it with something creative, like asking your guests to sign Jenga pieces, or a special poster, or special stones… or write little notes with “date night” ideas for the bride and groom. 

Ditch your cellphone on your wedding day. Assign a trusted friend to carry it and answer any text messages or make any emergency calls. You have enough to worry about without having to micromanage your wedding from your phone. 

Practice wearing your gown and shoes. Schedule your final gown fitting the day before your wedding. And walk awhile in your wedding shoes to stretch them out. 

Buy three pairs of shoes. Women need high heels for the ceremony, slippers for rehearsal, and flats or flip-flops for dancing. 

Buttercream frosting and outdoor weddings don’t mix. Spread something more heat-resistant on your cake. Ask your baker. 

No outdoor photography at high noon… unless you want lots of pictures of people squinting. 

Take a day off to relax before your honeymoon. This should be obvious. Why waste the first day of your honeymoon sleeping off your reception? 

Don’t put off writing thank-you cards. If you write them as soon as you receive each gift, you won’t have to write a hundred cards all at once. You can still send them all at the same time.   

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