Wedding Myth – “We’ll Just Visit Our Guests’ Tables for 10 Minutes”

Since most couples have never planned a wedding before, they tend to make common mistakes. One of them is estimating how long it will take to make the rounds of the room and greet their guests. If you believe it takes ten minutes, try this exercise: 

Find a banquet hall that’s set up for a wedding with, let’s say, 15 dinner tables. That’s about 120 guests. Start your stopwatch. Walk slowly around each table and touch the back of each chair. When you’ve touched every chair in the room, check your stopwatch. Surprise! You’ve just spent 8 minutes! 

That leaves 2 minutes for 120 guests to have personal conversations with you, and pose for pictures with you. 

Remember, the clock won’t stop while you visit. Visiting an entire room full of guests doesn’t take 10 minutes – it takes an hour. And if you start visiting after people have already eaten, you’ll finish an hour later, to discover that half of them have left before your first dance.

A full stomach makes people drowsy, and most people simply won’t have the energy to sit quietly and wait for you to make your way through the entire room. They’re not rejecting you — they’re just sleepy; and without some good dance music to revive them, they’ll start checking their watches and decide it’s time to go home. 

So what do you do? 

Either start visiting the tables from the moment the entrée is served, or visit only the tables of your most special relatives, like grandparents who will probably be the first to leave. No one will be upset that you didn’t stop at their table; and you can visit all you want, after the dancing starts.

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