10 Cooling Essentials for Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings can be gorgeous. But outdoor weddings in the hot sun are filled with potential hazards. Here are 10 essential tips on how to prepare, so you’ll steer clear of those outdoor nightmares.

Hydrate. Make sure you have lots of ice water for your guests. If you want to make it classy, add slices of colorful lime or orange, and have servers pass those drinks.

Cover up. If you’re serving food outdoors, cover the serving plates, to keep the bugs away.

Chill. Cheese, meat, seafood and anything with eggs will spoil fast in the summer sun; so store those sensitive foods on platters made of ice.

Rent cold air. Portable air conditioner units can be a godsend for your guests on a hot summer day. Giant fans and even hand fans will also be popular.

Pass out sunblock. The heat is bad enough, without have to worry about sunburn. Keep a generous supply of high-SPF spray on hand.

Combine indoor and outdoor party areas. Some of your guests will want to escape to someplace cool. A ballroom with an outdoor terrace is a nice combination; golf courses also provide both indoor and outdoor accommodations.

Shade. Try to hold your outdoor ceremony under a big shady tree, or at least a big canopy, so your guests won’t bake while waiting for those late-arriving guests.

Refrigerate. Keep your cake and bouquet in the fridge until they’re needed. And alert your florist to make sure your flowers have plenty of water, so they don’t droop before all of your pictures are taken.

Wear lightweight clothing. Choose a gown, bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s tuxedos in a cool summer fabric.

No perfume. It attracts bugs.

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