11 Essential Pre-wedding Chores for the Groom

Some grooms seem to believe their only wedding responsibility is to show up. And while it’s true that a wedding with the groom is better than one without him, the groom has some important things to do on the night before the wedding. Here they are.

Proofread and practice your speech (if you’re giving one). What may look good on paper, may sound awful when it’s actually spoken. Practicing out loud will ensure that your words on your wedding night will have the desired impact.

Are you giving gifts? Grooms typically give gifts to their spouses and their attendants. Make sure you have them all wrapped and ready to deliver on your wedding day.

Are your vendor checks and tips ready to distribute? Your vendors and venue will want to be paid. And if you plan to tip the people who made your wedding special, place the cash tips in separate envelopes for each vendor, and give them to a trusted groomsman who’s not going to get drunk and forget to pass them out. 

Pack for your honeymoon. Include weather-appropriate clothes for both your destination and your return home. 

Make sure your tux is ironed and ready. Also be sure your shoes, socks, tie, cufflinks and any other accessories are all laid out next to your tux.

Visit the people closest to you. Your parents, siblings and close friends will have to compete for your time at your reception; so setting aside some quality time with them before the wedding will reassure them you truly appreciate them. 

Delegate the small stuff. If there are little chores that need to be completed, contact your groomsmen or your wedding planner to ensure that they’re all executed to your satisfaction.

Wind down. The night before your wedding is not the time to prove that you’re the ultimate party animal. You should have done that already. You need quiet time to relax and reflect upon the wonderful partner you’re about to take for the rest of your life.

Eat wisely. Indigestion, diarrhea, bloating or heartburn can take a lot of the charm out of your wedding day. 

Drink responsibly. You won’t remember a thing about your wedding day if you’re spending it nursing a hangover.

Get to bed early. If you’ve completed all of your preparations, it’s time for the best night’s sleep you’re going to get for at least a week. You have a long day ahead of you, and you want to be rested and focused.

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