How to Cut Your Wedding Food Bill – and Why You Should

Food is typically the biggest expense of any wedding, even though it’s the first thing your wedding guests will forget. Any money you save on your food bill can be redirected to areas like better entertainment, and perhaps a photo booth, that create wonderful enduring memories of your big party. Here are some ways to reduce your food expense without sacrificing anything.

How to Have a Foolproof Outdoor Wedding

At its best, an outdoor wedding is a glorious celebration of both love and nature. But an outdoor wedding comes with inherent risks, so you’ll need to ready with a great ‘Plan B,’ even if it doesn’t rain. These tips will ensure a successful celebration.

Great Wedding Advice from Newlyweds

Chances are, this is your first wedding; and you don?t have any experience putting on a party of this magnitude. Instead of basing your important planning decisions on slick sales pitches, why not listen to couples who have just gone through it, and learned what worked and what didn?t?

How to Create a Guest-friendly Seating Chart

Now that you have decided who is invited to your wedding and who is not, your next big challenge is deciding who sits where for dinner. No need to fight over your seating chart. All you need to do is follow some simple guidelines.