Your Wedding’s WOW Factor – Cheap!

You want your wedding guests to remember your big day as more than just another boring wedding. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your wedding memorable. Here are some little things that make a big impression for little or no money.

  1. Have a talented friend or relative sing or perform at your ceremony.
  2. Make the blessing of the rings a group celebration. Pass them around, and let each guest touch them and offer personal blessings.
  3. On your RSVP cards, ask guests to offer some advice for the newlyweds; have your officiant choose a few of the best sentiments and incorporate them into the ceremony.
  4. If your wedding is outdoors, invite your guests to play lawn games like Cornhole or giant Jenga. Great way to keep them engaged during cocktails or after dinner.
  5. Have your videographer record your guests’ best wishes for the two of you. Once you’ve had a chance to listen to them all, send a personal thank-you note to each of them.
  6. Make your reception reflect anything and everything that’s important to you – your ethnicity, your pets, your sports teams, your hobbies and any other personal passions.
  7. Entertain your guests with the Newlywed Game – also called the Shoe Game. Just Google it and see how it’s done. It’s certain to be one of the highlights of the evening.
  8. Don’t forget creative signs for your ceremony, cocktails and reception. They add whimsy and wisdom. Just search “Wedding Signs” on Pinterest for lots of cool ideas.
  9. Add pageantry to your cake cutting. Perhaps have the cake wheeled in with musical accompaniment, a spotlight, and sparklers, glow sticks or bubbles before you cut it.
  10. See to your guests’ comfort. If your ceremony is outdoors, provide sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses and fans for summer, warm blankets for those chilly spring or autumn days. At the reception, provide flip-flops or TOMS for the ladies, so they don’t have to dance in their high heels. And of course, always be sure there are plenty of restrooms – portable ones if necessary.
  11. Create a trivia quiz about the bride and groom; set one on each table, and see how many questions each table gets right. Sometime during dinner, have the bride and groom read the correct answers, so the guests will know how they did.
  12. On your RSVP cards, ask your married guests to include their own First Dance songs. Ask your DJ to play some of them as a special way of recognizing the special people in your life.
  13. If your budget allows it, have a photo booth. It’s a great way for your guests to share their own personalities; plus, they get to take home copies of the pictures.
  14. If you believe a bouquet toss is tacky, then do something different. Try having an anniversary dance that starts with all married couples and ends with the couple that’s been married the longest. Give them the bouquet.

As you can see, most of these ideas are absolutely free or very cheap; but they’ll leave lasting memories. Just sharing yourselves and your love story will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

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