10 Little Expenses That Can Bust Your Wedding Budget

You’ve chosen your wedding venue, your DJ, your photographer and caterer. You know you still have to buy a gown, and flowers, and formalwear, and favors. You’re prepared for all the big wedding expenses; but these little details can suddenly leave you way over budget if you don’t catch them early.

How to Visit a Wedding Venue

There are essentially two phases to choosing a venue for your wedding reception. Start by getting input, from friends and online. Read reviews. Get rough price estimates. When you’ve narrowed down your search to the top two or three venues, do a site visit to each of them, so you can actually start visualizing how your reception might look there. Here’s what to ask while you’re there.

Wedding Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

You’re engaged! And you want to spread the joyful news to everyone you know. So you head straight for the internet, right? No! No! For the love of God, NO! There’s a right way and a wrong way to use social media as your wedding communications center. Pay attention, now.

Newly Engaged? Brace Yourself for 10 Scary Surprises

Those dreamy articles in the wedding magazines represent someone’s fantasy of the perfect wedding. The reality may seem a little scary at first; but with proper preparation, you can navigate around the pitfalls of planning a wedding, and make your own fantasy come to life.

What to Rent for Your Wedding

A great wedding doesn’t just happen. A lot of pieces need to be in place. If you’re booking a banquet hall, most of those pieces are part of the package; but don’t just assume that everything is provided. Get out your checklist, and be sure you have these essentials.

What Do I Do About… ?

It doesn’t take long for newly engaged couples to learn that booking a venue, photographer, DJ, florist, stylist and planner are easy, compared to dealing with all the people who may (or may not) become your wedding guests. Here’s just a sample of some questions couples have asked, along with some common-sense answers.