Wedding Disaster Prevention Tips, Part Two

In an earlier post on this blog, we gave you some great tips on how to anticipate and address potential wedding day challenges before they erupt into major problems. Here are some more great ideas on how to make your wedding stress-free.

Did You Forget These Wedding Expenses?

If you’re filling out your wedding budget based on some planning web site, you may find to your surprise that a lot of the real costs never get mentioned, and your revised budget may force you to make some painful cuts. The more you know about those hidden costs, the better you can prepare without being blindsided. Here are a few things to watch for:

Don’t Let Your Wedding Be Over Before You Know It

If you don’t budget your time and energy in the days leading up to and including your wedding day, you may just miss many of those precious moments that make your celebration truly special. Here’s how to keep control of your time and sanity, and leave yourself open to those most precious experiences.

Do You Really Need a Full Wedding Reception?

If the thought of planning a full-scale wedding reception with a big meal and dancing is just too much for you to bear, perhaps you’d like to simplify, and plan a cocktail reception instead. Here are some of the advantages of a cocktail reception.

Real Chicago Wedding – Sept. 25, 2016

Jamie and Jose Perez-Nelson put on an extraordinary wedding celebration at Naperville’s Meson Sabika. And to pull it all together in sound and lighting, they chose the Chicago DJ and Chicago uplighting professionals from Fourth Estate Audio. Learn more about Fourth Estate at (630) 654-4440.