How a Great Chicago Wedding DJ Can Mean Great Photos

The best wedding photographer in the world can’t manufacture energetic, happy pictures of bored wedding guests. Forced smiles always come off as just that – forced. Your Chicago wedding DJ plays a bigger role than you know in creating an atmosphere conducive to memorable pictures.

5 Ways to Painless Post-Ceremony Photos

How can you streamline the process of post-ceremony photos as much as possible, while still getting what you want out of those shots, pleasing the parents and getting some frame-worthy stuff? Start with our 5 ways to Painless Post-Ceremony Photos!

How to Plan a Second Wedding

A second wedding can easily become more stressful than a first wedding if you don’t take control of it right away. Parents still have lots of suggestions; but now, so do the kids from your first marriage. But regardless of what friends and families want you to do, there are certain rules that people in polite society must follow when planning second weddings.

“Let’s Get Married in 3 Months” – a How-to Guide

Not everyone has the luxury of a 16-month wedding planning timeline. Sometimes couples get married in a hurry because it’s easier to find venues and vendors during certain months. Sometimes they just don’t want to wait to be together forever. Here’s how to make it all work on a shortened planning schedule.

Advice from Chicago Wedding Pros #6

Not a celebrity or rolling in the dough? You’re not alone. Weddings can be extremely expensive and stressful on your newly cemented relationship. Here are some things you can do yourself without hiring any outside vendors to cut the mounting costs of your big day.

How to “Unhitch” Those Wedding Day Hitches

Most people get married only once; so there’s no way a couple can anticipate all the little glitches that can drain the joy out of their wedding day. Professional planners who’ve done it hundreds of times shared some their secrets for smoothing out the bumps. Here are some of their best tips: